Best Pigmentation Treatment Singapore

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Power Light Pro Face Treatment is a new scientifically proven solution that uses solid-state light therapy to provide targeted and precise reduction in undesired hyperpigmentation such as freckles, excessive pigmentation and age spots. It also helps to minimize pores, lighten pimple scars and aid skin rejuvenation. In short, it tackles 3 Ps (Pigmentation, Pimple, Pores) + 1 R (Rejuvenation), while reducing side effects and pain to the minimum.

Top Up: Stem Cell Mask

A high performance mask that helps to repair damaged DNA and accelerates skin cell growth, resulting in an increase in collagen synthesis.Stem cell protects skin longevity and combats chronological aging, preserving youthful look and skin vitality.Beside promoting retention and preserving moisture, it also has the ability to draw further moisture from the surrounding environment, lock it into the skin, thus increasing the water content of the epidermis which helps to restore full hydration.

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