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Bioskin's hair removal system provides a permanent laser hair removal solution that is safe, reliable and free from side effects. It works like the IPL hair removal treatment, which is fast in getting rid of unwanted and ingrown hair. A light pulse is beamed and adsorbed by the melanin in the hair. Simultaneously, heat is also directed down towards the core of the hair bulb. This process raises the temperature of the hair follicle, thereby damaging it without harming the surrounding skin. It eliminates unwanted hair and destroys the roots completely to prevent future hair growth.

It is suitable for the face, underarms, hands, legs and bikini areas. It is also effective on all skin textures. While other permanent solutions cause burns and inflammations, ours has no limitations on your normal activities and there is no downtime.

Best of all, results are evident after just one session.

The convenience and effectiveness of Bioskin Hair Removal System has made it popular with men too.


Note: In the course of treatment, the normal response of the skin could include peeling, redness, mild stinging sensation, dryness and itchiness. These are perfectly normal symptoms indicating the treatment is taking effect on the skin. Consult your Bioskin Beauty Consultant if in doubt.


Read what Vernessa has to say about her experience with Bioskin IPL Treatment!

Every girl yearns for smooth and hair-free underarms like those of the models whom appeared in deodorants tv ads.

I was introduced to Bioskin's IPL Hair Removal treatment. According to the consultant, the treatment works using light pulse that is applied to the skin and absorbed by the hair. The light then converts into heat and eliminates unwanted hair and destroys the roots completely to prevent future hair growth. Most importantly, it has no downtime!


Check out the process of my hair removal experience:

1. The therapist settled me down in a comfortable position and started cleansing my underarm to remove any dirt or sweat (Not that my underarm is dirty and sweaty ok? It’s their standard procedure :P)

2. Sanitizing of disposable shaver and shaving of underarm. Understand from the therapist that shaving away the hair above the skin will enable the light pulse from the machine to target on the hair and its follicles more efficiently!

3. Application of Contact Gel to act as a layer of protection on the skin and also to soothe and moisturize the skin.

4. Start of treatment! The therapist first sanitizes the probe used, then click click click and it’s done in a jiffy!

5. Post-treatment, the therapist then applied a cooling gel and used a very cold machine to soothe, calm and stabilize the treatment area.

Lastly, the therapist applied Calming Mint Gel on my treatment area. The Calming Mint Gel helps to soften and condition the skin and also prevent ingrown hair.

And finally, I’m done! My underarm is visibly smoother and fairer just after one session and I am looking forward to the next!