Shock Therapy

  • Description


Shock Therapy is a non-invasive sound wave-based solution that has been adapted from physiotherapy treatments for conditions such as tendonitis and muscle injuries, to help relieve common cellulite problems that women face. It is a localized treatment best suited for stubborn fats.

- Speed up breakdown of fats
- Reduce orange-peel skin effect and smoothen the appearance of the skin
- Improve circulation and speed up metabolism
- Reduce water retention

How does Shock Therapy work to reduce cellulite problems? Poor circulation causes fat cells to swell, which in turn causes connective tissue to shrink and harden. This process creates the “dimpling” or “orange peel” effect, commonly associated with cellulite. Shock Therapy increases circulation which helps improve elasticity and reduce the “dimpling” effect, resulting in smoother skin.

Recommendation: For fast effective results, twice-weekly treatments on a regular basis are required.