Lipofreeze 3-In-1

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Bioskin's LipoFreeze 3-in-1 treatment is a safe and non-invasive 3-in-1 slimming treatment specially designed for Singaporean men and women. It consists of three different technologies to target and freeze localized fats in order to achieve the fastest slimming result. This effective slimming treatment for women and men is best in quickly removing fat cells through the lymphatic drainage system (i.e. naturally through the body). Patients undergoing the LipoFreeze treatment can be prepared to shed off those extra pounds of fat in no time!


Watch Treatment Technology:

How it works:

1. Endo therapy uses the action of vacuum to separate and draw fat cells to the surface.

2. Fat Freeze freezes isolated fat cells.

3. Soft Laser further warms and softens the fat cells to remove them.


Benefits of Treatment:

Endo Therapy

• Elevates the skin by drawing out toxic which helps in lymphatic drainage
• Targets localized fat

Freeze Therapy

• Freeze fat cells
• Cellulite and fat reduction
• Body shaping and body contouring
• Excellent for belly fat reduction
• Excellent for stubborn fat reduction

Soft Laser

• Soften and warm skin tissues
• Enhance further therapeutic effect for better blood circulation
• Stimulate lymphatic circulation
• Increase cellular function to achieve fast slimming result
• Promote oxygenation within the tissues


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