GP696 Detox / Lifting

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GP696 draws on the capability of the biotechnology system called Micro Electric Magnetic Field (MEMF) to produce biotechnology waves that effectively targets on body’s tissues, cell and systems to achieve beauty and balance.

GP696 Detox / Lifting Functions:

Detoxification Function: Biotechnology waves stimulate lymph nodes to assist better lymphatic drainage. Toxins and excess fluid within the tissues are removed to maintain body’s fluid balance. Oxygen and nutrients are transported faster to the cells as blood circulation is increased and thus increasing cell metabolism.

Body Lifting Function: Muscles are being firmed after stimulation of the waves, thus lifting and contouring effect is visible. Different kinds of waves are produced to massage and work on the muscles for firming. Fat cells are metabolized as 90% of the energy that exercises the muscles comes from the process during fats oxidation.

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