G5 Massage

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Bioskin's G5 Treatment is an electro-mechanical massage and percussion therapy that can offer a wide array of treatments. It delivers a consistent tissue massage using different gyrating applicator heads to provide various massage techniques. 

Multiple-Direction Stroking: Simultaneously produces horizontal and vertical motions for lymphatic massage.

Gyratory Action: Produces pressure and stroking of traditional manual massage.

Percussion Action : Produces deep percussive penetration through muscle layers using various speeds and frequencies.


Watch Treatment Technology:

How it works: 
The G5 electromassage travels way deeper than human hands can. The rapid bursts of concentrated pressure produced penetrates deep into the tissues of the body to enhance blood and lymph flow for removal of waste products and fats, provide pain relief, improvement of function and range of motion. The action also softens tensed muscle tissues. 


The G5 Treatment is best for Deep Tissue & Cellulite Massage

G5 Treatment for Deep Tissue Massage:

  • Provides fast acting relief for muscles aches
  • Relaxes muscles and boosts recovery
  • Enhances flexibility of muscles and physical response


G5 Treatment for Cellulite Massage: 

  • Breaks down unwanted cellulite & fatty deposits
  • Firms body contours
  • Skin lifting
  • Rid body toxins 
  • Improves lyphatic drainage & blood circulation


G5 Massage Therapy is the trusted solution in physical therapy and sports medicine industries. It is also proven effective in producing slimming results. 

Experience its benefits yourself!