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Four Hands Harmony Treatment

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Bioskin's Four Hands Harmony treatment is a 2-in-1 face and body treatment involving two skillful therapists working together seamlessly for a complete pampering experience. 


The Four Hands Harmony treatment features 3 treatments:

  • Stem Cell Facial
  • Body Front Massage with Magic Touch Ovary Care(Females) / Magic Touch Tummy Tuck(Males)- 
  • Tummy Herbal Candle


Key Benefits of Treatment:

  • Stem Cell Facial gives you youthful and firmer skin.
  • Our body front massage leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Our ovary care and tummy tuck treatments improve your blood circulation and overall well-being. The ovary care treatment helps improve hormonal balance and lifts the ovary after drooping caused by pregnancy, while the tummy tuck treatment helps with slimming and firming.  


Come reap the 5 enormous benefits this 1 hour treatment can give you!

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