Upper Body Gua Sha + Infrared Therapy

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Many know that Gua Sha Massage is a traditional Chinese treatment that can be used to treat common illnesses such as headache, digestive disorder, fatigue, etc. It is also a useful treatment for treating many other chronic diseases.

With Bioskin’s Upper Body Gua Sha + Infrared Therapy Massage, it can help to enhance blood circulation in one’s body, release tension and tight muscles, It also promotes circulation that helps in metabolism and at the same time providing healthful benefits such as:

- Treats fatigue that is caused by exposure to heat or cold
- Treats headache, fever and cough
- Treats digestive disorder as well as food poisoning
- Treats high or low blood pressure
- Helps to diminish stress and fatigue
- Helps to normalize cellular metabolic processes
- Beneficial in pain management such as muscle ache

Let our professional masseurs scrape away your pain.

Duration: Approx 60mins