Thermal Body Wrap

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A thermal body wrap draws out impurities and toxins while soothing tired muscles and revitalizing the skin. Similar to the effect of the sauna, this wrap produces a gradual and pleasant feeling of warmth. You will feel stress evaporate while your body absorbs the essential nutrients. The thermal body wrap stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. This is a deeply relaxing treatment, which tones, firms and balances your body’s energy flow.

Milk Body Wrap - Whitening

A delicate formulation to pamper your skin, with no irritation by other active ingredients or chemical compounds. The purest ‘Goat Milk’ has been used to enhance the efficiency of anti-inflammatory and whitening effects. It also helps to refine tiny pimples and improve metabolism, renew and activate cells.

Sea Bliss Body Wrap - Detox

An extraordinary formulation enhanced with valuable elements from the deep sea, which contain the highest level of density and concentration of minerals, this mineral in turn, helps to detox waste from our own body, It also helps to improve blood circulation and strengthen tissues growth, It also act as an anti-bacteria and anti-septic.

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