Stem Cell Hair Growth Treatment

  • Description


Stem Cell Hair Growth Treatment is a deep cleansing and scalp detoxification treatment specially customized to combat common scalp problems like hair loss, dandruff and oily scalp. Together with uniquely formulated products, this treatment effectively targets the underlying cause of scalp complications and prevents the symptoms of common scalp problems.

A soothing and relaxing process where 99.9% pure oxygen is sprayed onto the scalp at high pressure to remove impurities and dead skin cells. The oxygen is then penetrated into the scalp to nourish and oxygenate the hair bulb, promoting healthier hair growth.

A needle-less, non-invasive roller is used directly on the scalp to achieve maximum penetration deep within the hair bulb, while infrared rays are directed at the problem area to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the hair follicle to treat and restore optimal scalp health. With the combination of Stem Cell Scalp Tonic, the hair bulb is further stimulated and rejuvenated to prevent hair loss and speed up the process of hair growth.

Add on a scalp detox massage that aids in relaxing and refreshing the scalp, allowing the hair follicles to breathe in order to achieve healthier looking hair, and also stimulates blood flow and oil production.

Treatment Summary

  • Step 1: Hair Wash including Scalp, Ear and Neck Massage with Blow dry
  • Step 2: Derma Peel 2% and Oxygen Peeling Spray with Ampoule
    Help in exfoliating dead cells, sebum regulation, remove dandruff, heeling & antioxidant of scalp.
    Effective in soothing the scalp, relieve tension for stressed scalp and fortifies the roots of the hair. It also stimulates blood circulation and delivers oxygen and nutrients to hair roots, preventing hair loss.
  • Step 3: IFR and Stem Cell Scalp Tonic with Needleless-Roller
    Increase blood stimulation, accelerate cell metabolism and promote nutrient supply to the hair follicles.
    A powerful hair stimulator that is used directly on the scalp to achieve maximum penetration deep within the hair bulb. Highly rich in nutrients to nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. It also helps in hair strengthening; reduce hair fall and repairs damaged hair.
  • Step 4: Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage - 20 mins


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