Scalp & Hair Paradise Hair Treatment

  • Description


This illuminating scalp & hair paradise treatment begins with stem cell scalp peeling to deeply exfoliate your dead skin cells of the scalp, deep moistures and restore healthier scalp. Furthermore, by applying Nano stem cell mask, it will improve hair appearance and transform your damaged hair into shiny, silky smooth look. Thanks to its blend of hydrating and shine-boosting essences. Creating an immediate glow effect on your hair. Best for coloured, damaged hair.

Treatment Summary:

  • Stem Cell Scalp Peeling Solution + Scalp Massage (For dead cell removal)
  • Shampoo Wash with Scalp, Ear & Neck Massage
  • Application of Hair Restore Ampoule on Hair Ends
  • Application of Nano Stem Cell Hair Mask on Hair Ends and Perform hair steamer
  • Wash and Hair Styling (Blow-dry)


Watch Treatment Technology:

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