Coconut Scalp Detox Hair Treatment

  • Description


Coconut oil is a natural remedy that stimulates hair growth; it helps to add luster, shine, and softness to the hair and also prevents hair breakage, serving as a natural remedy to combat frizzy hair, giving you soft and silky hair.

Coupled with Bioskin’s signature Lotus Stem Cell Scalp Peeling to exfoliate dead cells, and a soothing scalp massage, this treatment is suitable for those up for a pampering time to regain thick and luscious locks.

Treatment Summary:

  • Stem Cell Scalp Peeling Solution + Scalp Massage (For dead cell removal)
  • Shampoo Wash with Scalp & Neck Massage
  • Application of Coconut Oil + Scalp & Neck Massage
  • Shampoo Wash and Blow-dry


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