3-In-1 HQC Treatment

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Indulge in Bioskin’s all new 3-in-1 HQC Treatment that is specially developed for a hassle-free experience that can pamper you in a single visit!

Bioskin’s 3-in-1 HQC Treatment comprises of:

  1. Korean Herbal Hair Colour
    Enriched with various herbal plant extracts, the Korean Herbal Hair Colour is a natural form of hair colouring with no pungent chemical smell. It nourishes your hair and does no damage to the scalp.
  2. Quick Glow Facial
    Choose from a wide range of Bioskin’s most popular facials tailored to suit your skincare concerns!
  3. Coconut Scalp Detox Hair Treatment
    Coconut oil is a natural remedy that stimulates hair growth, giving you soft and silky hair. Coupled with Bioskin’s signature Lotus Stem Cell Scalp Peeling to exfoliate dead cells, along with a soothing scalp massage,
    the Coconut Scalp Detox Hair treatment is suitable for those up for a pampering time to regain thick and luscious locks.

Experience this one-of-a-kind treatment performed on Singapore's first ever multi-functional bed!
Triple the power of our treatments combined, only at $138*!
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