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Every female wants to achieve a small, oval shaped face with a V-line jaw, which is why contouring make up is so popular. Your eyes will look bigger on a small face as compared to on a big face. It also makes you look more proportionate and skinnier on a whole. Having a smaller face also creates a more feminine, delicate look. But it is a hassle to keep up with contouring your face daily and editing your photos for a sharper look. Hence, we decided to introduce a revolutionary, dream-like treatment which can save you these trouble.

Bioskin's Magic Touch Small Face Treatment is a safe and non-invasive treatment with zero-downtime, suitable for those who are looking to attain a small face without corrective surgery. This facial treatment is carried out by our therapists while wearing a watch that transmits Vital Heat Touch therapy. The heat produced is transferred onto you through a warm, soothing massage. There is no direct contact with the equipment, hence no metal touch on your skin!


Who is this treatment suitable for:

  • Anyone who has "baby fats" or sagging skin, or are just looking to reduce their face frame in a non-surgical way.
  • Men who want to have a more prominent jawline.
  • Women who want to have sharp facial contours without having to use filters/ contouring make up.
  • Those who are facing ageing skin and looking to erase wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Anyone who wants to get fairer, smoother skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


Why this treatment is good for your skin:

  • Vital Heat Touch therapy transmitted from the watch penetrates deep into your skin’s dermis layer to promote collagen production for fairer and smoother skin.
  • The heat allows for better absorption and spreading of cosmeceuticals, enhancing products/ treatment effects.


How this treatment can help you attain a small face:

  • Vital Heat Touch therapy brings about circulation for repair to the treated area, creating a lifting effect.
  • Through the warm massage, lymphatic drainage is stimulated to remove water retention.
  • The heat burns fats to tighten your skin, resulting in a reduced face frame.


Magic Touch treatment has delivered impressive results in facial slimming for sharper and more defined facial contours. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes for each treated area. After initial sessions, patients can maintain their results by following up with monthly treatments.

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