O2 Plasma Face Treatment

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Bio Eminent Pac with O2 Plasma Treatment improves skin condition and texture by erasing dull complexion. It also helps to treat problems like acne and scarring, producing smooth, revitalizing and clear results. It works well effectively even on delicate skin areas like the eye.

The Bio Eminent Pac with O2 treatment is specially formulated for different skin problems and is customized to individual needs, ensuring the best results for customers. It is suitable for all skin types.

The Oxygen O2 facial begins with deep pore cleansing and exfoliation to remove all grime, dirt and dead skin cells. The products used in Oxygen O2 facial are water-based and have been specially made to suit Asian skin. Oxygen is a great skin rejuvenator and keeps the skin healthy and glowing. The lack of oxygen can leave the skin dull and lifeless. By the time we enter mid 20s; half the oxygen content is lost. This results in premature aging. The loss of oxygen can be due to lower blood circulation, stress, sun damage, smoking or frequent exposure to drying environment like air-conditioning or heating.

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