Water Diamond Face Treatment

  • Description


Bioskin's Water Diamond Face Treatment is a fast acting skin-resurfacing treatment that helps your skin renew its natural glow in just 4-10 days.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Treat Acne Scars & Age Spots
  • Reduce Appearances of fine lines
  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Clears out Excess Oil
  • Rich Moisturising Effect
  • Skin Renewal


How it works:

  • The rapidly rotating device used removes damaged outer layers of skin to instigate natural skin renewal process. Coupled with the use of hydromax, a powerful humectant that creates a protective barrier on your skin to lock in moisture, you can expect renewed skin to be smooth, supple and youthful looking. 
  • The use of hydromax gives your skin an antioxidant defence against air pollution, which helps in anti-ageing aspects.


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