Water Diamond Face Treatment

  • Description




Bioskin's Water Diamond Face Treatment is a fast acting skin-resurfacing treatment that helps your skin renew its natural glow in just 4-10 days.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Treat Acne Scars & Age Spots
  • Reduce Appearances of fine lines
  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Clears out Excess Oil
  • Rich Moisturising Effect
  • Skin Renewal


How it works:

  • The rapidly rotating device used removes damaged outer layers of skin to instigate natural skin renewal process. Coupled with the use of salicylic acid which promotes exfoliation & removes blemishes, and use of hydromax, a powerful humectant that creates a protective barrier on your skin to lock in moisture, you can expect renewed skin to be smooth, supple and youthful looking. 
  • The use of salicylic acid also helps to unclog pores and remove excess oil which effectively clears acne. 
  • The use of hydromax gives your skin an antioxidant defence against air pollution, which helps in anti-ageing aspects.


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Note: Over the course of treatment, the normal response of the skin could include peeling, redness, mild stinging sensation, dryness, itchiness, and surfacing of hidden clogs. These are perfectly normal symptoms indicating the treatment is taking effect on the skin. Consult your Bioskin Beauty Consultant if in doubt.

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