Robotrim 3-In-1 And Fatburst

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RoboTrim 3 in 1 is the perfect solution for slimming and body contouring. It encompasses the Radio Frequency Therapy, Low Level Laser and Endo Therapy to achieve a complete dimensional burning and body contouring effect. This combined technology enables stubborn tummy fats to be broken down and drained off effectively.


Radio Frequency Therapy uses electromagnetic energy with a wavelength just longer than microwaves, which heats the dermis and subcutaneous tissues in a controlled manner without inflicting any damage to the epidermis. It enables therapeutic generation of local heat in body tissues, which can act on both the superficial and also the dermal layer. The bio heat generated causes immediate contraction of fibroblast, thus achieving the desirable contouring and slimming effects.

Low Level Laser delivers intensive light energy that stimulates the fat cells and releases the intracellular fat, thus reducing fat effectively.

Endo Therapy uses deep tissue massage to increase skin metabolism and effectively break down triglycerides and reduce cellulite.



Uses a non-invasive yet highly effective technology through sound waves to burst the stubborn fats, thus destroying the lipocytes.


Burst those unwanted fats with our healthy weight loss treatment now!




• Cellulites
• Obesity
• Body Contouring
• Drainage/Circulatory
• Skin Rejuvenation



RoboTrim 3-in-1 and Fatburst is available at Jurong East, Chervon Raffles and The Central outlets.

Even our bloggers love it! Read what Nicholas has to say.

Posted on January 12, 2013

It is difficult being a food blogger. No, not because you get tons of invites to eat "free food", but because as a human being, half of the time you are eating. And as a food blogger, most of the time you are.

How many of us need motivation to go to the gym - at least 8 out of 10 of us. And with so much good food tucked at each corner of this small city, it really does not add to any motivation. The only thing that is constantly exercising - my jaw.

Being part of the Bioskin family, AbsTrim Men is the newest addition to help people (like me) who either cannot be bothered to exercise (although i think i fall into the category of "no time" instead), or for people with stubborn fat areas.

With AbsTrim Men's newest Robotrim 3 in 1 & Fatburst, you can be assured that stubborn fats that are there to stay will need to move and relocate. This new technology is the solution for slimming and body contouring. In short, it allows stubborn fats to be broken down and drain off efficiently, achieving visible results just after one treatment (yes, i am not kidding).

Just when you think this is a weighing machine, you are absolutely wrong. This machine allows the consultant to measure your body fats. Going on this machine is worst than going on a weighing machine in my opinion. A weighing machine weighs you, but this machine informs you how fat you are, and at what specific areas of your body. It's a bit like me versus technology - i would rather live in denial and not know how fat i am.

After taking your measurements, and another round of evaluation, then comes the most exciting part - the part you say goodbye to your unwanted fats. AbsTrim Men provides lockers so that you can keep your belongings safely without worrying.

You'll be leaded into the treatment suite. What i really liked about this bed is that it isn't just a bed, but an electric bed. This means you won't have to worry about feeling cold because the bed has a warmer that constantly heats the bed while you are at your treatment.

In order to compare before and after, measurements are also taken before treatment, just so you can compare the results. Each treatment assures you results (1cm - 3cm) depending on your body type and reaction.

The first step of the treatment uses mechanical pressure waves to eliminate stubborn fats. As painful as is actually sounds, it isn't. Cream is applied on your body before treatment to allow the process to work better.

The second part of the treatment uses advanced radio frequency therapy which heats the dermis and subcutaneous tissues in controlled manner without inflicting any damage to the epidermis. Working in conjunction with the two other technologies. The Low Level Laser stimulates the fat cells and releases the intracellular fat, thus reducing fats effectively. The other technology, Endo Therapy, uses the action of vacuum to increase skin metabolism to effectively break down fats and reduce cellulites. And yes, with three different technologies used, it is no wonder it is 3 in 1!

I'll be honest and tell you the vacuum was a bit ticklish at the beginning but a few minutes into treatment and i got used to it. Also while you are at it, heat (from the bed, as well as the treatment) makes it comfortable enough for you to go into deep sleep.

The last part to the whole process was Vibroshape. Basically it's painless (and also effortless) because all you have to do is stand on it and let it "shake the fats" you.

The results from my first treatment - 2cm off my waist and stomach. I shall not go into numeric details just so i can keep my weight a secret, but yes 2cm is almost an inch - all that in only one treatment. If your 2013 resolution is to lose some weight, or get some abs, you should start quick. AbsTrim Men is also having a promotion right now on Groupon which offers 5 Tummy Trims at SGD 68 and 10 Tummy Trims at SGD 128, which will make a perfect gift (or hint) to your boyfriend or husband with a bulging tummy. After all, there's really no harm trying to look better.