White Allure Mask

Intense Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Mask

$200 (10 Sheets)/ $240 (12 Sheets)

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White Allure contains a combination of Arbutin, Kojic Dipalmitate and Vitamin E which helps to control the production of melanin, increase anti-oxidation, and enhance cell regeneration and blood circulation. Regular use of this marvellous mask will make skin fairer, firmer smoother and softer.

Directions: Place mask onto eye area first, then carefully spread it to the rest of the face using fingertips. Pat down the edges. leave no gap between the mask and the skin. Remove mask after 20-25 minutes.



Ingredients: Ginsenosides Liposome, Collagen, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lavender Extract, Albutin, Kojic Acid, Retinyl PaImitate, Allantoin, Hyaluraonic Acid, Pitera, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract, Green Tea Extract, Sage Extract 
Size: 10 / 12 Sheets