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The Solution To Troubled Skin

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Mathilda Koh: The success story of a hands-on leader

Posted on Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

At an age when most people would have just started to make sense of their life goals, founder and chief executive officer of Bioskin, Ms Mathilda Koh, kickstarted what would become one of Singapore’s most successful beauty and wellness brands.

At 22, Ms Koh started her first beauty salon in 1996 using savings from her previous job as an air stewardess. The local entrepreneur now leads a team of over 100 employees and has six beauty and wellness outlets across the island.

Incidentally, it was Ms Koh’s experience with skin problems, brought on by constant exposure to dry cabin air during her air stewardess days, that had sparked her interest in the beauty line. A friend had recommended skincare products, which helped Ms Koh regain her glowing complexion and along with it, a healthy dose of self-confidence.

“At that time, I was excited to share the products with people who were troubled by skin issues, like I was, and help them become more confident,” said Ms Koh.

The early days had been a juggling act for the young entrepreneur who handled the frontend and backend of the business, from doing facials and providing skin consultations to managing the company’s accounts.

Business grew and Ms Koh invited her mother whom she trained to assist her. Her perseverance and tenacity paid off.

Today a trusted household name known to provide effective solutions for troubled skin, Bioskin has garnered multiple awards over the years. They include the prestigious Super Brand Award 2006, Influential Brands Top 1 Brand 2014/2015, Asia Excellence Award 2014, Asia Pacific Super Health Brand and Asia Pacific Beauty Awards.

For her strong business acumen, Ms Koh also received the Spirit of Enterprise award in 2010, the Successful Entrepreneur award from 2010 to 2012, and the Asia-Pacific Women Entrepreneurs award.


Ms Koh attributed Bioskin’s success and longevity in the highly-competitive beauty industry to several reasons, among them, maintaining high service standards over the years.

“When customers see good results, they will return and they will share their experience with others. For Bioskin, results are everything. When there is enough clout surrounding your products, advertisements further raise the brand’s awareness and attract more customers,” she said.

Keeping up with the latest beauty and wellness trends is essential in the ever-changing industry. For instance, after observing how consumer behaviour has evolved, Ms Koh expanded beyond her skincare line.

Bioskin is now a one-stop beauty and wellness brand catering to both women and men. It offers a holistic range of services such as slimming therapies, body hair removal as well as spa and hair growth treatments, in addition to skincare services. It also constantly develops its in-house products to cater to the different needs of customers. Among its newest treatments is the Bioskin Hair Prosthesis, a non-invasive and dermatologically-tested system for hair loss.

“The Bioskin Hair Prosthesis allows you to achieve your desired volume of hair thickness and length,” said Ms Koh.

For a business to succeed, Ms Koh said that communication is important.

“We value our customers’ feedback. We always encourage them to voice their concerns through various channels, such as feedback forms, SMS or via our website and social media. We also gather feedback from our sales consultants and therapists as they are on the front line and interact with customers the most,” she shared.  


While Bioskin’s product lines and services have evolved and expanded over the years, Ms Koh continues to stay true to her brand’s philosophy of “no squeezing, no scarring, no enlarged pores”.

“Two decades ago, when Bioskin was first established, many people were afraid of facials because the squeezing method (for extracting comedones) was commonly used. This method can cause redness, swelling, scarring or damage to the skin,” she said.

“Our effective products and cutting-edge technology allow us to achieve excellent results without using the squeezing method, and we were the first to advocate this beauty philosophy.”

Constantly on the lookout for the latest cutting-edge treatments and equipment, Ms Koh continues to research and attend training sessions conducted by experts in the field.

Not only does she personally test new products and procedures, she is also meticulous when it comes to staff training. At Bioskin, staff are professionally trained before new treatments are implemented.

 “I am the first to try the new equipment and procedures before extending them to my close friends and relatives. This helps me better understand what customers experience during their treatments,” said Ms Koh.  

It is through these hands-on experiences that she often gets inspiration for new ideas. For instance, her idea of incorporating relaxing shoulder and scalp massages during facial treatments had stemmed from her own experience of feeling bored while having a facial mask applied.

Ms Koh has plans for her brand to go digital, in line with online shopping trends and the Government’s calls for a smart nation.

“We are planning to launch an e-commerce business. I believe that this will bring more convenience for our customers, as well as increase our brand awareness and revenue,” she said.  


Instead of using celebrity endorsers like many other brands, Ms Koh has been Bioskin’s cover figure from the very beginning. By being the brand’s cover girl, she wants to tell the world that she is living proof that Bioskin’s products and treatments work.

When asked to share her secret to her youthful looks and svelte figure, Ms Koh said diligence is the key.

“There is a saying that there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy ones. I think this is very true, not just for women, but for everyone. Be hardworking when it comes to maintaining your skin, hair and body,” she advised.

“Eliminate bad habits such as not applying moisturiser or skipping the hair conditioner. Don’t go to bed with damp hair or without removing your makeup. Remember to have a sensible diet and exercise regularly. If you do not have the discipline to exercise, try not to over-indulge in food. You should also visit a beauty and wellness centre every month to improve, or at least maintain, your looks.”

As published on TodayOnline