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Bioskin’s Face Treatment - Nira Chan

Posted on Monday, 05 Aug 2019

Bioskin’s Face Treatment - Nira Chan

Do you want to know how I keep my skin looking younger and healthy? It could be hard work for some people but you can actually make it an easier way.

First, let me share with you my skin concerns. They are skin tiredness, breakouts, large pore size (can be easily seen on the cheeks and nose), elasticity and aging. You’d probably have more concerns just like me when you are at mid/late 20s because our skin’s ability to retain water will starts to decrease at this age and loose its energy, glow, and healthy color. More serious signs of aging will also appear in our 30s. However, all these problems can be treated easily if you select the right way to do so. And I’m glad that I’m about to share with you one great solution I recently had at Bioskin (The Central outlet) few days ago.

I was greeted by the friendly branch manager, Vernni upon arrival.

I was impressed by how spacious it was inside the salon.

I really like the ambience and they also have a nail spa there too. I should try it out someday.

My most favourite area of all would be this elegant makeup room where I could apply my makeup right after the treatment or just for relaxing.

The treatment room is done up very well too. It’s quite cozy yet comfortable.

The very first step they provided for me is the skin check up, my consultant, Vernni, advised me on the suitable treatment depending on my skin condition and skin concerns. They do all this to make sure that all the treatments are customized to suit each different individual with their unique skin types. This step took about 15 minutes. The consultant analyzing my skin

This is a microscopic view of my skin.

The very first treatment my consultant suggested me, was ’Bio Dermabrasion Face Treatment’. My consultant explained to me that this treatment uses micro-diamond resurfacing and vacuum-lift technology to deep clean impurities and stimulates cell renewal. This is suitable for my dull skin and helps with the first signs of aging.

My very first facial experience at Bioskin: 1) Start of Cleansing Process (Removal of Makeup) 2) Gentle Cleansing of face, neck and shoulders with Bioskin’s Soothing Cleansing Gel. My face felt thoroughly cleansed without the tight feeling.

3) Bio Dermabrasion Treatment This step is very interesting. It felt like all the unwanted whiteheads/blackheads have removed from my face by a tiny vacuum. And most importantly, it’s PAINLESS (unlike the traditional methods that require squeezing)

I could actually see how smooth and even my skin was right after this step and it was amazing. I also saw a big difference after my therapist did a half face comparison to show me the treatment effects. 4) Bio Dermabrasion Eye Treatment. This is when my therapist used the machine tip around my eye area and she told me that this helps to stimulate collagen regeneration which will reduce wrinkles, fine lines and improve blood circulation that helps in dark eye circles. 5) Soothing treatment after the Dermabrasion machine Firstly my therapist applied soothing gel onto my face. I personally love the scent of this soothing gel which was very gently applied onto my skin. It was also quite cooling yet soothing and comfortable. My skin immediately felt moisturized. This is good for hydrating the skin. After that she used a very cold machine to gently massage my face. This step is to stabilize and calm the skin.

6) Whitening Soft Mask then Mask Removal My therapist applied the whitening soft mask over my eye and face and she said that the mask helps in hydration and fine lines. My face felt kinda stiff when the mask hardened at first. However, my face felt really soft and smooth after it was removed.


This step took about 20 minutes. 7) Lymphatic Drainage Massage followed by Shoulder Massage (20mins) This was a very relaxing experience. I felt that the therapist applied the right amount of massage pressure and I dosed off for abit. 8 ) Cleanse again to remove lavender massage oil 9) Application of Products: Bio Astringent Softener (Toner), Eye Serum, Soothing Gel, Ginseng Ampoule and Lip Cream 10) End with Relaxing Scalp Massage which made me feel really comfortable as I personally am a fan of good massages.

My therapist for the day, Ann, who professionally explained each step of treatment throughout the process for me. She is really gentle and meticulous.

The results? I was really satisfied by the instant results I saw after the treatment. My face became brighter and glowy and I saw that my pore size became smaller significantly. My skin also looked more hydrated.

Beside the great ambience they provide, their services are very personalized too. And I strongly recommend you ladies to try their facial treatment at least once. Thank you Bioskin. It was a great experience. See you at my next appointment. Love.- nira

Results vary based on the individual.