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Bioskin Skin Rebirth - Isaiah Kuan

Posted on Monday, 05 Aug 2019

Bioskin Skin Rebirth - Isaiah Kuan

Aging is a natural process that everyone has to go through. As we age, our skin loses its elastin and become drier. This is true even for man! Our skin’s ability to protect itself from damage is also reduced as we age. Hence the appearance of wrinkles, creases and lines form on the skin.

Bioskin introduces their most sophisticated non-invasive skin rejuvenation face treatment, using the latest technology – Skin Rebirth. Skin Rebirth uses a multi-source, phase-controlled Fractional Radio Frequency energy that enables collagen remodelling, skin resurfacing and treatment of wrinkles, acne and acne scars.

What is Fractional Radio Frequency? It is energy emitted by fractional sub-pulses spaced by very short pauses of thermal relaxation time in one treatment pulse. This modality enables to achieve an enhanced effect of deeper penetration and optimized efficacy, with less discomfort to the patient and a deeper gradual dermal effect.

Who is suitable for the Skin Rebirth treatment? People who are looking for: - Skin Renewal - Pigmentation / Acne Scar Lightening - Lifted V-shaped Face - Pores Tightening - Wrinkle Reduction (this is what I truly need =p)

How the Skin Rebirth works

Believe it or not, I have never done any facial before and I was so nervous when I stepped into the Bioskin branch at Chevron House. I kept thinking what would happen if my face react badly to the treatment, how long would the recovery process be? I was full of doubt and negative thoughts when I stepped into the spa boutique for my appointment. Then I understand why the Boutique Manager offered a cup of tea to me, because it helped tremendously to calm me down and get ready for the fun.

The service was excellent and professional. A brief explanation by the Manager on what type of treatment I would be receiving, how would I feel during and after the treatment, what would be the recovery process, and finally what to expect in about 10 days time. Of course, taking come ‘before’ photos to document the entire treatment. Don’t be shocked by the state of my face. To start of with, you are not expecting a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. It’s just Isaiah.

You can see clearly the acne scars and large pores around my nose and cheek areas. And probably a few wrinkles around the eyes. This is just before the treatment.

Then I was led to the treatment room behind and the beautician in-charge was so gentle I felt I can leave my ‘face’ in her care. She explained every single step from cleansing to putting on face mask and then the RF treatment. The service was so good even to the extent of turning on the warmer on the bed for me because I mentioned the aircon was slightly cold. Good!

No photos to show during the treatment. Basically this is what happened:

1. Slight massage on the head and shoulders for relaxation. There was even an scent relaxation aroma for me to breathe in and out to. 2. Cleansing with water then with facial cleanser to remove the dirt and oil from work. 3. Applying a layer of mask for numbing effect before the treatment (about 20-25mins). 4. RF treatment which is like a small rubber-band hitting on the face, pain was minimalized due to the numbing effect. Just take note that some there could be some sort of burning smell during the treatment. 5. After the entire RF treatment which took less than 10mins, a layer of recovery lotion was applied to the face.

This is how I looked right after the treatment. Can you see the slight redness? This is expected and will be gone within the day. Do note that there will be a bit of ‘stinging’ feel and warmness on the face too. My face felt so tighten for the entire day after treatment. Maybe I should have gone for some facial earlier.

The night after treatment. You can see the micro-ablated spot. In a few day time, small pin-point epidermal crusts will appear at each micro-ablated spot, these crusts will exfoliate (removal of dead skin) naturally.

With the treatment comes some of the products which will help the recovery process. From L-R: Mask for use when scabbing starts in about 3 days after the first treatment. Moisturizer to be used starting the 2nd day, twice daily, day & night. Sunblock Lotion to be used daily starting the 2nd day, once in the morning before you go out.

Some other advices given by the Manager was to avoid direct sunlight for the first week, don’t use scrub facial wash, avoid swimming for the first few days if possible.

After 3 days … I can feel that the skin is much tighter than previous and the pores are much smaller too.

As the scabbing has started, its also time to use the mask. The purpose of the mask is to help in the process of the peeling of the scabbing, so that when it drops off, the face is not too dry and thus caused discomfort. With the mask, the face will be moisturized and kept in good condition for a better effect. You can start to use the mask starting on the 3rd day and alternate days thereafter until the scabbing are fully removed. The mask has a tinge of lemon scent too, nice.

After 7 days … A very clear view that most of the scabbing have dropped off (the duration of this process varies with different individuals based on the condition of their skin).

A close up on my face. Satisfactory for just one treatment.

Verdict after 1 week from the Skin Rebirth treatment. I can definitely feel that my skin is much tighter and the pores are not as big as before. My wife even commented that I looked slightly fairer than before. Thumbs up for the treatment!

So this is my review for you on Bioskin Skin Rebirth. In a few days time, I will be going back to Bioskin for another treatment – Cryo Splash. Cyro Splash Face Treatment is a hydrating facial that calms and soothes the skin that gives the complexion a glowing look.

Come back and read about my experience soon. But for now, do enjoy the current promotion provided by Bioskin.

Promotion from Bioskin: 1x Skin Rebirth + Cryo Splash @ $38 (Incl GST $40.66)

Results vary based on the individual.