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The Solution To Troubled Skin

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Best brightening facials in Singapore?

Posted on Friday, 08 Jan 2021

Tucked in the bustling neighbourhood of Hougang is one of Bioskin’s six outlets, the one-stop beauty and wellness centre with over 20 years of knowledge and experience. Founded in 1996 by Mathilda Koh, Bioskin is known for turning around troubled skin gently yet effectively, no matter your concerns.

Upon arriving at the cosy outlet, I was welcomed by the friendly receptionist as well as my Bioskin beauty consultant who proceeded to check on my skin in a dedicated consultation before explaining the treatment I would be trying out: the Instant Whitening Facial.


As my skin is showing signs of skin tone unevenness, clogged pores as well as fatigue, my consultant explained that the Instant Whitening Facial can help address these concerns with two of the latest technologies: Triple-Pulse Light (TPL) and radiofrequency. These technologies are further complemented with quality products specially formulated from Japan to deliver instant results right after the facial treatment.

Having identified the key concerns of my skin, my therapist Michelle then led me up to the second floor where the treatment rooms are located and pointed out the locker area to me to keep my belongings (I was even handed a plastic pouch to store my face mask safely).

Once I’m all changed and settled in, Michelle began the treatment by removing my light makeup and cleansing my face. She followed up with a gentle exfoliation to get rid of all dead skin cells so that my skin can reap in all the goodness in the following facial steps.

After that, Michelle carefully hovered the Triple-Pulse Light device that’s said to be three times more superior than the traditional IPL device as it delivers not one, but three pulses of light per click.

Being able to reach the hypodermis (the innermost layer of the skin), the device comes with two major functions – brightening and anti-bacterial – which your therapist will choose accordingly for you based on your skin concerns during the treatment. What’s more, the device is also combined with V-Lift technology for skin-lifting and anti-wrinkle effects.

Next, Michelle went on to use a Cell Fusion machine that employs electroporation to help my skin fully absorb Bioskin’s Hydro Max serum, which is designed to help strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier while locking in moisture.

Then, I received a quick three-minute eye massage, a chargeable add-on that Michelle threw into the treatment for me as my eyes were desperately in need of some TLC (no thanks to burning the midnight oil for both work and Netflix).

Following the relaxing eye massage that almost sent me dozing off, Michelle applied a hydrating face ampoule before stimulating my skin’s circulation with a microcurrent face massager.

After that, Michelle proceeded to apply a White Allure Mask on my face, which is loaded with a highly concentrated cocktail of arbutin, kojic dipalmitate, and vitamin E to help tackle melanin production and oxidation while enhancing cell regeneration and blood flow.

While waiting for the sheet mask to deliver its brightening and hydrating benefits in 20 minutes, Michelle lathered a generous amount of skin-nourishing virgin coconut oil on my shoulder for a tension-relieving massage.

You’ll be happy to know that the shoulder massage is something of a Bioskin signature – that’s because Bioskin therapists are trained to accompany their customers in every step of the way so you will never have the facialist step out and leave you alone in the room right after the mask is applied.

Thus, all facials come with a shoulder massage that lasts just as long as the mask duration. Even though it was my second time visiting Bioskin for a facial, I still found the shoulder massage to be as relaxing as before and I had a tough time trying to not fall asleep since I had to take note of the treatment steps.

After cleaning off the mask, it was then time for a cold steam to calm down my post-facial skin, which was also my cue that the facial treatment was almost nearing the end. I was given a final treat in the form of a quick scalp massage using a scalp tonic before Michelle applied all the necessary aftercare on my skin, which included two different creams – Wonder Cream and Instant Whitening Cream, to seal in all the brightening and hydrating benefits.

Packed with retinol, glycolic acid, and kojic acid, the Wonder Cream works on wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, age spots, and pores by helping to boost collagen production, inhibit melanin formation, and rebalance sebum level.

Meanwhile, the Instant Whitening Cream is enriched with organic botanical extracts to treat wrinkles while improving skin immunity.

You would’ve noticed that I didn’t mention any extraction in my review – that’s because it is Bioskin’s policy to exclude extraction in all its facials due to the negative side effects that extraction brings – enlarge pores and scarring, among others.

With the use of Bioskin’s technology, the salon now boasts a much gentler method that penetrates deep into the skin to target acne and relieve skin congestion with little to no scarring or trauma to the skin. That makes Bioskin a popular choice among those whose skin isn’t agreeable to extraction methods.


Right after the facial, I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin tone. My forehead is usually darker than the rest of my face but with the help of the facial, my overall skin tone looks more even now too.

My laugh lines seem to have smoothened out slightly, while the pesky acne scar right on my upper lip looks to have lightened in colour too.

With the add-on eye massage, it also helped rejuvenate my tired eyes and sent me leaving with a re-energised complexion.

I was cautioned by Michelle that my skin would show very mild signs of peeling over the next few days, but thankfully, there was none of that. In fact, my usual skincare products still went onto the skin really smoothly following the facial.

All in all, Bioskin’s Instant Whitening Facial is arguably one of the most relaxing facials I’ve ever tried in my life. Not only is it designed to target skin dullness and uneven skin tone without any extraction needed, but the treatment also comes with additional anti-ageing benefits by boosting skin elasticity, stimulating collagen production, and promoting cell regeneration.

As published on Daily Vanity