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The Solution To Troubled Skin

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Posted on Friday, 17 Dec 2021


Hi guys! Was invited (thanks Pearline & Chen Yaan!) to try Bioskin’s revolutionary Ice Sculpting treatment at their Central (Clarke Quay) outlet a few days ago.

With my knowledgeable and friendly consultant Donna

Bioskin provides a body analysis for all customers undergoing treatment, and I had mine done too. A moment of enlightenment followed: I found out I had too little muscle mass for my height, and was informed that I’d probably have to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. YES I WILL.

Amazing machine which measures your muscle mass, fat volume, metabolic rate etc:

Donna explaining the results to me haha look at the look of fear on my face as I stare apprehensively at my appalling muscle to fat ratio…

Had a tour of the outlet, they provide nail services too – one stop for all a girl needs!

My treatment room:

Was introduced to the Ice Sculpting treatment and Donna explained that it uses an unique technology, combining it with shock therapy to achieve speedy results in fat and cellulite reduction. This allows for targeted treatment for men and women concerned about losing excess fat in certain problem areas, eg the tummy, thighs and arms. No more flabby belly!!

Step 1: the use of cold on the tummy and the love handles to freeze away the stubborn fat cells – temperature of the freezing probe can go up to -4 degrees. SO COOL! Surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as I would expect it to, you just get used to it after a while. The freezing probe will freeze your fat cells. The frozen fat cells will then crystallize and drain off naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

Step 2: Bioskin’s Ice Sculpting has an additional feature called: SHOCK THERAPY! Sounds petrifying but it was painless. This speeds up the breaking down of the crystallized fat cells, and hence helps achieve faster results.

I had my waist measured before and after the treatment, and I lost 2cm after 45 minutes. o_0 Tada! I was also told that I can expect further improvement as the day passes, and for days after that.

The unique ice sculpting technology is non-invasive, safe and there is zero downtime. Also unbelievable how there were immediate results, I was genuinely shocked haha. Also was (am?) very motivated to live a healthier life after my body analysis. The unique ice sculpting technology is non-invasive, safe and there is zero downtime.

Visit for outlet details and locations, and to ask about the Ice Sculpting treatment. FLABBY TUMMY BE GONE! Results vary based on the individual.