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5 Reasons You Should Opt For Customised Facials And Where To Get Them

Posted on Wednesday, 08 Sep 2021


Facial treatments in Singapore are a dime a dozen. However, it is hard to figure out what is going to work for a specific skin type. Even though many of us may have similar skin types, we don’t specifically have the same skin. Plus, our skin won’t feel or respond the same way to facial treatments. Customised facials can target a number of skin concerns from premature ageing to environmental damage to your skin.

Many of us have honed our skincare regimens for years and sometimes a facial can mess up that delicate process. We at Beauty Insider believe in the process of customising your facials to suit your individual skin needs. These five beauty salons promise to do just that!

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1. Tailored to you and only you

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Just like how no two snowflakes are the same, your skin is the same too. You may have the same skin type as another person but you will not exactly have the same skin. Hence, your beautician will be able to identify and treat your skin’s concerns more effectively with a customised facial. In addition to getting a facial that suits your skin needs, you will be able to manage it better post-treatment.

2. Achieve what’s impossible to do at home

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When you get a customised facial, your skin will be deeply cleansed the way you cannot possibly do at home. According to experts, a monthly facial is vital as it is not possible to replicate these treatments at home. For example, when they steam your skin or even extract your deeply rooted blemishes and impurities. Additionally, doing it ourselves without prior knowledge can end up accidentally scarring or damaging our skin.

3. Get your dream skin

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A proper skincare regime is vital to maintain and upkeep your complexion to have healthy and glowing skin. However, customised facials take your skin into a whole other level. For example, a professional might be able to help you properly if you have skin concerns like severe acne flareups,. After all, they have the training and expertise to do so.

4. Slow down and prevent ageing

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It can be difficult to accept the fact that we’re all going to age someday. Although we can’t stop time and the inevitable ageing, we can low down the ageing of our skin. Via a customised facial, a beautician can identify the areas of your skin where there are signs of ageing. They can then help to improve skin texture with the use of exfoliating peels and treatments. Additionally, experts also say that a professional facial helps stimulate the development of collagen in your skin!

5. Taking time to care for yourself

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Even though the main goal and benefit of a customised facial are to specifically target and improve your skin, you should also take note that it is a sort of spa treatment. Regular and constantly facials allow you to relax and unwind. The “me” time in this process helps your mental health as well. Other than that, yes, a customised facial may seem like a bit of an investment, but it will completely pay if you intend to put your best face forward. Regularise customised facials to maintain the health of your skin!

Where can I get customised facials in Singapore?




Looking for an affordable and effective facial that you can customise according to your preferences and specific skin type? Then you can rest assured that you will be in good hands at Bioskin (founded by CEO Mathilda Koh) with their Signature Customised Facials! No matter what your skin type, a one-to-one consultation with your therapist will help you to devise a facial to soothe and address all your individual skin concerns.

In addition to a relaxing session of aromatherapy and a de-stressing scalp massage, you will also get to experience a thorough cleanse, exfoliation and targeted skin treatment to improve the overall texture and tone of your skin. Can’t wait to try it out for yourself? Newcomers get to enjoy a first trial promo at $68 (usual price: $500 – 650)!

1. The Centrepoint (Flagship Store): 176 Orchard Road The Centrepoint #02-22 – #02-25, Singapore 238843
2. Malacca Center: 20 Malacca Street #15-00 Malacca Center, Singapore 048979 (Closed every Monday)
3. Toa Payoh Central: 185 Toa Payoh Central #01-338, Singapore 310185 (Closed every Monday)
4. The Midtown: 1187 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-49/50 The Midtown, Singapore 533971 (Closed every Tuesday)
5. Income @ Tampines Junction: 300 Tampines Avenue 5 #07-03 Income @ Tampines Junction, Singapore 529653 (Closed every Wednesday)
6. Jurong East: 133 Jurong Gateway #01-295, Singapore 600133
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11:30am – 9:30pm, Weekends & Public Holidays: 9am – 7pm
Hotline: +65 6222 6777
WhatsApp: +65 8288 7733

Book you very own rejuvenating customised facial at Bioskin here!

As published on Beauty Insider